How To Select Playgroup And Pre Nursery School For Your Child

It is that time of the year when parents of first time preschoolers are wondering whether they should enroll their children to pre nursery school or Playgroup. There used to be a time when pre nursery school was not a big issue and any person could be able to manage a preschool in her spare garden or room with books and toys. Today, there is a lot of competition because there is a tough competition between international chains with home preschools.The right age to start going to school has gone down because both parents are working, peer pressure and lack of support from the family. Most schools try as much as possible to attract parents with brochures which are colorful. Parents want the best for their children and this decision can make or break the child attitude in school. Therefore, it is a vital decision that requires a lot of consideration. Before choosing Playgroup and pre nursery school for your child there are a few factors that you have to keep in mind from here policy of the school concerning admission Today, most preschools take kids who are two years and above. It is not all schools that have the same policy. Therefore, it is important that you find out whether the child is eligible for admission in a certain preschool and which standard. If your child is not more than four years she might be allowed

Playgroup or nursery school. Therefore, it is good that you find out about eligibility concern and then decide what you are planning to do for the child.

Reputation of school

This is essential. Pre nursery schools are everywhere and it is hard to predict how they are going to be. Therefore it is important that you talk to other parents and read reviews online. Parents are not going to recommend a school unless they were happy with it. Find out when the school started and if they provide preschool phonics and reading for kids.


This is an essential factor to keep in mind because the child is young. It is important that you consider a school which is close to where you stay. This will help in case you are going to get a phone call from the school that your child is not feeling well or you might pick the child because of a few reasons. If there are other kids who have joined the school

It is good if your child is going to get company from other kids. Familiar faces are not only going to make the new place to appear daunting, but it is going to help your child go home safely because they are going to go home in a group.


The fee of the school is also vital because it must be within your budget. It is possible to get preschools with annual fee therefore it is important that you choose what is within your pocket. Find out whether you have to pay in installments or at once. Also look at the installment structure if it is applicable. You also have to find out whether there is any discount.

Various Levels Of Curriculum In Kovan, Singapore

Every parent’s dream is to take their children to schools that will allow them to fully exploit their potential right from a tender age. Children’s minds develop and mature differently. There are those who mature faster and there are those who mature slowly. In Kovan, Singapore child care centers that provide full and half day care programs are made available for children below the age of seven years. Infant care services that provide care for children aged two months to eighteen months are also available. They are invaluable to working parents who are required to resume working a few months after having their newborns. They are dependable and have programs geared at educating and developing young children through effective and efficient early childhood programs in a conducive environment.
Parents can take their children to another informal setting called a Playgroup. They are less formal than pre-school education in nursery schools. Unlike other care centers for children, Playgroup in Kovan does not provide full-time care for kids and only operate for a few hours a day. They are staffed with volunteers and nursery nurses not by teachers. They are run by individuals or charities rather than companies or states. The playgroup curriculum generally aims at exploratory experiences emphasizing on discovery through inquiry, stimulation through play and quality interactions with the surrounding environment. It helps in the development of various skills through physical activities. Children are usually provided with enough time to express their thoughts and feelings through art as well as develop communication skills. This curriculum serves to introduce them into a journey of both learning and adventure being their first school experience. In addition, it greatly helps children get along with others and good listening skills.
The nursery curriculum is a higher learning level compared to the playgroup level. It builds upon skills acquired at the playgroup level. It aims to introduce integrated learning by instilling number awareness and provide exposure to numeracy concepts. A project approach is used where play is used as a tool to help acquire knowledge and skills. The main objective of this curriculum is to help children exhibit confidence and self control when interacting with others, develop early math and reading skills as well as exhibit expressive language.
The kindergarten curriculum is the next level of learning for children. It greatly helps fulfill children’s curiosity by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge through asking questions. The children perform negotiated projects and express their learning through art and creative writing. Language eloquence as well as math is expected outcomes as well as learning tools. It helps children have academic capability and be ready for school. The program generally aims at developing a positive attitude towards learning, show planning and leadership skills, exhibit and develops good vocabulary; express their thoughts and feelings through various artistic media. It also helps children to conduct themselves well in different social settings. Children who have undergone through these different curriculums quickly fit in higher levels of learning and are very confident of themselves and their skills.