Automation In The Vision Industry And Drilling.

Automation is the word for today’s world. Almost everything is done through automatic gadgets. Starting from the childhood, one can see the use of automation in the recent lifestyle. Studying with the help of audio visual activity, then making projects in computers, working in the office with the help of computer and other gadgets, use of mobile phones, use of watches, use of gas cylinders for cooking, use of a fan, air condition and what not. Almost everything has a part of automation in it. This word can be defined as a process which minimize the human intervention in a work to be performed. Thereby saving the time of that person who is using this process.The power of the vision is immense and its need to be perfect to have a healthy life. But due to some imperfection, people get problem in their eye vision. Doctor earlier used to conduct few tests which are done by human beings to detect the problems in the eye. But now-a-days, with the help of an automation vision measuring system, it has become much more perfect and easy to detect the problems and measure the power in a human vision. This system automatically generates the powers in the eyes after one is examined under this system. Then the doctor, according to the measurement and the problems detected suggest and prescribe medicines and procedure to rectify the problems.This system is not only used in the optical industry, but also used in photography purpose. It is used in the cameras to detect the measure of the area to be covered in the picture. This detects the view and measure of its own for the picture to be taken.With the improvement in the equipment industry, many automated equipments are coming the way to ease our work every day. Gun drill machine is one of them which are used to drill surfaces. This is characterized by small diameters, which are between 1-50 mm are common, high pressure coolant is introduced through the spindle and tool centre, v-shaped grooves are there. Special forms can be ground with the tip of the tool to form operations; braised shank, solid carbide and the inserted tool are available. The process of producing deep straight holes on different surfaces can be termed as gun drilling. The use of these machines is huge as drilling is required in many civil engineering projects. From a drilling hole in the wall to place a nail or screw, to drilling for wiring electrical gadgets everything is eased by using these tools.The time has immense value in today’s world. Everyone is on their toes to get set go. No one has the time to waste. So making the life little bit easy and worthwhile automation industry is gifting everyday a new set of equipments and gadgets. These equipments also increase the variety and quality of the work. They make life faster, less complicated and less physical work without compromising the quality of life.